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Maison Parcé Frères
54 avenue du Puig del Mas
66650 Banyuls sur Mer - France
+33 4 68 81 02 94
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Maison Parcé Frères

A willingness to take care of the inheritance received.

A peasant, sustainable and family vision of wine,

To make a long story short, we could say 3 brothers, 2 estates and a selection of wines from the South of France.

Martin, Augustin and Vincent, Domaine de la Préceptorie, Domaine Augustin and Parcé Frères selection.

The Sons of Marc Parcé on the Maury, Collioure & Banyuls cru and on almost all the appellations of French Catalonia.

A peasant vision of wine, preninal and family orientated, a will to take care of the inheritance received.

But why keep it short? So here are some elements that can be said about us, our history, our roots…

History of a rooting:

Parcé Frères, a family bond, a bond with the land, a common style. A common work, a work in connection, a work in a place, in connection with a place, a magnificent place where I was born, in northern Catalonia, in the south of our beautiful France, in Banyuls-sur-Mer.

A widespread modern trend would have us no longer be interested in history, in our roots.

A madness.

A man lives, is nourished and grows thanks to history. The importance of history, of our history, family history, history of bonds, of places, history to be received, to be accepted, to be passed on, to be written, “You will be a man my son*”.

The family is now asking us to take over, to write, to be involved. Terroirs of Collioure, Banyuls and Maury, Domaine Augustin,  Domaine La Préceptorie.

A family, bonds, places.

Bonds and places to defend, to reveal, to support.

The story began by chance, in October 1976 when Marc, our father, went to replace a worker in the vineyard of our great-grandmother, Thérèse Reig, for a few weeks.

It seems that bonds were formed, that places spoke, seduced. A love was born, a love for its “loyal and constant local customs”, for its controlled and protected appellations.

A love consummated, desired, chosen and this unconditional love bore fruit, has spread.

We have received this history, its bonds, its places, this love. The adage says that the hardest thing is not to progress but to maintain oneself. This is our commitment, our desire, our “Fiat”. To maintain, yes to freely maintain this history, this bond, this love!

It is up to us to inscribe ourselves, to inscribe ourselves in time.

*Rudyard Kipling “If”.

Vincent Parcé, for Maison Parcé Frères


The story of a sibling.

From left to right, Martin, Vincent, Augustin and Marc Parcé.

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Maison Parcé Frères a family history - Maison Parcé frères