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Maison Parcé Frères
54 avenue du Puig del Mas
66650 Banyuls sur Mer - France
+33 4 68 81 02 94
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Our Domains

By Parcé Brothers

In short, we could say 3 brothers, 2 estates and a selection of wines from the South of France.

Martin, Augustin and Vincent, Domaine de la Préceptorie, Domaine Augustin and Parcé Frères selection.

The Sons of Marc Parcé on the Maury, Collioure & Banyuls vintage and on almost all the appellations of French Catalonia.

A peasant vision of wine, sustainable and family, a willingness to take care of the inheritance received.

The Parcé brothers

Domaine de la Préceptorie

Domaine Augustin

Sélection Parcé Frères

Founded in 2001, La Préceptorie wine estate was first located in Saint-Arnac, then, in 2015, it was definitively established in Saint-Paul de Fenouillet in the Agly Valley.

Martin Parcé is now mainly in charge of the 28 hectares of vines that produce. Black, grey and white Grenache have a very special place here, as well as white and red Carignans, Macabeus, Mourvèdres and Syrah.

Then there was the trading activity created in 2006 with the Zoé range. For a little over ten years we have extended our range to today, to offer almost all the wine appellations of Roussillon. Now, 14 references complete our activity.

And last but not least, the Domaine Augustin. After studying in Burgundy and the Corbières, Augustin, Marc’s third son, embarked on an adventure in Banyuls, the land of his youth. The first vintage was produced in 2015 with a palette of three top-of-the-range Collioure wines. He works his 8 hectares of vines with passion on this characteristic landscape that the Vermeille coast offers.

Our references

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Our Domains - Maison Parcé frères