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Maison Parcé Frères
54 avenue du Puig del Mas
66650 Banyuls sur Mer - France
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Notre gamme de vins est composée de 40 références de vins

Coume Marie Blanc de Noirs

Domaine de La Préceptorie

The Vines

The whole vineyard is on schists, at the bottom of the Agly valley between Tautavel and Maury at an altitude of between 100 and 200 metres.
The grapes are harvested when slightly under-ripe.

The Wine

The cuvée is composed solely of Grenache Noir.
It is by making a single, very delicate press of the grapes that a clear juice is obtained. After a light settling, daily stirring on the lees and controlled temperatures, they are put into 400-litre barrels.
Maturing is carried out in these barrels for 7 months.


This white has been worked like a classic white but using a black grape variety.
This gives a wine of great freshness and complexity.
The palate is fresh, aromatic and balanced with an elegant finish.
This black white will go very well with a gazpacho, paella or red mullet.
Serve between 10 and 12°c.
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Coume Marie Blanc de Noirs, what a funny name!
For many years we have had a recurring problem in the field of the Preceptory. We are running out of white! And believe me, when the product is good, when it is the expression of the common work done during a year and it is lacking, it is unfortunate. Embarrassing, would perhaps be a more accurate word. Like a wedding day when the wine would run out. “They have no more wine… “The mistress of the house would then say. And believe me, this problem is not new!
That’s how the idea of making this “Blanc de Noirs” came to us. So here is this Coume Marie made from black grapes, but worked exactly like the Coume Marie Blanc.
Taste this wine in a black glass or by closing your eyes, the result is surprising to say the least!

Coume Marie Blanc de Noirs - Maison Parcé frères