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Maison Parcé Frères
54 avenue du Puig del Mas
66650 Banyuls sur Mer - France
+33 4 68 81 02 94
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Notre gamme de vins est composée de 40 références de vins

Hommage à Fernand Rouge

Sélection Parcé Frères

The Vines

Soil : black schist near Maury.
40 years old vines.
Grape variety : Carignan.

The Wine

Grapes harvested by hand. Cold pre-fermentation maceration. Alcoholic fermentation at 22°c and then soft extraction of the must.
Aged 7 months in tank.


Eyes : deep colour with ruby highlights.
Nose : sherry and spiced notes.
Mouth : gourmand, slightly spiced, fresh, silky tannins.
Food pairing : prime rib, tournedos, duck leg with olives.
Service : 16°c.
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History is often written by the winners… so when you leaf through the books recently written on the history of Roussillon you will find no trace of the men who refused the policy of standardization concerning the grape varieties. So through these vintages, I wanted to pay tribute to the first “résistants”, to these winegrowers who, since the 1970s, took the risk of no longer being in the appellation, refusing the concept of an improving grape variety in order to preserve their old, often planted, vineyard. Time has proven them right: there are rarely “bad” varieties* but simply a mismatch between the grape variety, the terroir and the winegrower! *Here Macabeu for the white and Carignan for the red, both in vats. Parcels located on the Espira de l’Agly terroir.

Hommage à Fernand Rouge - Maison Parcé frères