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Maison Parcé Frères
54 avenue du Puig del Mas
66650 Banyuls sur Mer - France
+33 4 68 81 02 94
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Notre gamme de vins est composée de 40 références de vins

So2 Mon Amour

Domaine de La Préceptorie

The Vines

In Terre Nouvelles parcel, between Maury and St Paul de Fenouillet, there we can find several types of grapes planted in the same parcel. Low yield per hectares. The 2017 harvest was precocious. 240 meters altitude in a north exposure small valley.
Grape variety : Grenache noir and Carignan.

The Wine

Grapes harvested by hand. Cold pre-fermentation maceration. Alcoholic fermentation at 22°c and then soft extraction of the must.
Aged 18 months in oak barrels.


Eyes : deep garnet.
Nose : complex, rotten red fruit as strawberry or blackberry aromas and liquorice notes.
Mouth : an onctuous, harmious, aromatic, intense mix between red and blackberry.
Food pairing : tuna steak with pepper, grilled meat, lamb or duck, blue cheeses.
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“The Chemistry of Wine”

This expression, which served as the title of a few books, has now taken on the mind of an audience that ignores both chemistry and wine, a frankly pejorative connotation. Chemistry is feared as if it covered up reprehensible artifacts resulting in a synthetic product, something like wine powder. The term “alchemy” would probably be better accepted because it implies obscure and ineffective theories. However, I know a way to use the word “chemistry” without offending anyone: just put it in the plural and associate an adjective that evokes some magic. “The mysterious chemistry of wine taste” is a phrase that fits well in the conversation, because the amateur is thus made to prefer poetry that secures him to the science that scares him. »

Emile Peynaud, La chimie du vin, Le Vin et les jours, Dunod Bordas Edition 1988

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