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Maison Parcé Frères
54 avenue du Puig del Mas
66650 Banyuls sur Mer - France
+33 4 68 81 02 94
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Notre gamme de vins est composée de 40 références de vins

Terres Nouvelles Blanc

Domaine de La Préceptorie

The Vines

Soil : schist in Agly Valley.
Grape variety : Grenache gris

The Wine

Fermentation in 400 liters oak barrels of several wines, daily stirring and good temperature control.
Aged in 400 litres oak barrels for 8 to 10 mouth.


Nose : expressive, complex, pleasant, yellow and white ripe fruits, butter and caramel.
Mouth : generous, full of character, dense, ripe fruit.
Food pairing : grilled lobster, foie gras stuffed quail, calf sweetbread with chorizo.
Service : 13°c.
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Terres Nouvelles Blanc - Maison Parcé frères